EV Thiele 806 Guitar Cab

I have been playing my Jet City JCA20HV head through two 1×12 Rath Amp cabinets. These are leightweight cabinets (not in production anymore) with custom Rath speakers. Then recently I had the chance to get my hands on an Electro Voice EVM12L guitar speaker. The Rath Amp cabinets happen to have about the same internal volume as the Electro Voice TL806 cabinet which is one of the recommended applications for the EVM12L. So I decided to quick-convert one of the Rath Amp cabinets into an EV TL806 clone. You can see the different steps in the gallery on this page.

  1. cut away baffle and glue reinforcements to remaining frame, back and top
  2. make new baffle with cutouts for reflex ports and speaker
  3. detail of speaker cutout
  4. another view of the new baffle
  5. glue reinforcements to back of baffle (EVM12L is heavy)
  6. test fitting
  7. another one, test 1-2-3
  8. first early test with amp (yes, I’m quite an impatient guy)
  9. apply some dampening
  10. paint baffle black (no color choices here)
  11. everything fitted and firmly screwed in place
  12. grill mounted, final soundcheck

The Electro Voice EVM12L/TL806 cabinet sounds great, the EV thiele box has more power than two of the Rath Amp cabs together. It is very compact (but quite heavy, too). Mission accomplished!