Arduino MIDI controller pedal for guitar FX

2021-01: This project is work in progress. Schematic and source code will be available soon on this page.

This is a compact, programmable MIDI controller pedal (based on an Arduino Nano micro controller) that can send program change and control change MIDI messages to control guitar amplifiers and effects. In addition, it has two switch outputs (programmable per preset) that can control common amps/effects that do not have MIDI. You can switch between two layouts: either four buttons for PC messages and two buttons for CC messages (=4 patches per bank, direct access to 2 control change functions), or 3 buttons for PC messages and three buttons for CC messages (=3 patches per bank, direct access to 3 control change functions). Each of the two main CC buttons (top left row) have double layers; you can send different CC messages with a short or a long press of each button. Everything can be edited in the setup menu of the MID controller, like controller numbers, which layout you want to use, MIDI channel, etc.

A controller pedal (foot pedal) can be connected to control effects like wha or volume with MIDI continuous controller messages. There will be an optional auto engage function (e.g. switch on the wha when the foot pedal exceeds a certain threshold). This feature is currently in development.

Here is a preview of the controller in connection with my Eleven Rack guitar amp modeller:

Some pictures of the nearly finished controller and from the build process: