minolta_xd7_300pxMinolta XD7 pictures gallery:
Good old analogue photography. Mainly done with Minolta XD7. I really like the black edition of the XD7, and with the motor winder mounted it looks really cool (still after all these years).

leica_d1_300pxLeica Digilux 1 pictures gallery:
Enter the digital domain. I think the Leica Digilux 1 has a truly iconic design. Like it or not. It was a trusty companion for many years and I still like the picture quality, though compared to todays standards the techical specs like resolution, sensitivity and autofocus speed seem utterly out of the question. On the other hand, I would always prefer it to many current entry level cameras out there. If you know how to handle the Digilux 1, it still is a true working horse with respectable output.

panasonic_g1_300pxPanasonic G1 pictures gallery:
That was a big step, coming from a digital compact camera: The G1 is a really nice Micro Four Thirds system. I had to get used to the electronic view finder, but I would never go back now. This camera has a compact, robust design an the picture quality is great. There are quite some signs of heavy usage by now – the camera has been used a lot.

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