minolta_xd7_300pxMinolta XD7 pictures gallery:
Good old analogue photography. Mainly done with Minolta XD7. I really like the black edition of the XD7. Nothing but nostalgia.

leica_d1_300pxLeica Digilux 1 pictures gallery:
I think the Leica Digilux 1 has a truly iconic design. Like it or not. It was a trusty companion for many years and I still like the picture quality, though compared to todays standards the techical specs like resolution, sensitivity and autofocus speed seem utterly out of the question. Pulled it out the other day, took some photos and put it back quickly. 🙂

panasonic_g1_300pxPanasonic G1/G6 pictures gallery:
The Lumix DMC Gx is a really nice MFT (Micro Four Thirds) system. I had to get used to the electronic view finder, but I would never go back now. Compact, robust design and great picture quality. Scroll down for more colour.

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